How To Grow

Save the planet - grow your own vegetables...


Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of me “helping” my father in our family’s vegetable garden.

Since that time, while I’ve always enjoyed growing my own vegetables, I haven’t always had the opportunity. Long hours at work and frequent changes in living arrangements meant long periods without the time or space for an edible garden.

However, since having children of my own my priorities have changed. While my children were young we grew all sorts of herbs and vegetables - we grew as much variety as we could. I wanted my kids to know where their food comes from - what it looks like when it’s fresh and raw, not when it’s deep fried and pre-packaged. I now have many fond memorys of them “helping” me, and they seemed to have enjoyed their gardening too.

Now my kids are in their teens and spending time with dad in the garden is not such a high priority for them anymore. But hopefully I’ve instilled in them a love of growing their own food - a love they can share with their own families when the time comes.

Even though vegetable gardening began as a learning experience for my children, it has now grown (if you’ll pardon the pun) into a family activity with much broader benefits. I would say it has even changed my philiosophy of life. The idea of households all over the work growing their own food and achieving at least a partial degree of self-sufficiency, while reducing their environmental impact on the planet holds definite appeal.

“How To Grow” is therefore a natural extension of and outlet for my interest in growing vegatables.